Rencontre d'arles 2014 - Football Manager: The world s favourite football.

This page is a guide to Marseille's passenger terminals: where they are, how to get to and from them and what to expect there.

Sid Grossman takes us to the streets of Manhattan in the middle of the 20th century and Don McCullin to the north of England in the Sixties. These photographers were not snipers firing from the rooftops but instead they engaged with their subjects, who in turn engage with us to bring the images leaping alive out of the frame. Garry Winogrand's New York street images are also here – here the photographer is less involved, at least on the face of it. There are striking scenes on the streets right now, but do we have the eyes to see them?

There are many delights. McCullin's dramatic landscapes, which seem to have been shot mainly on a trip to Mordor, Japanese ritual (pictured above right) and African pop, journeys up the Amazon, virtual reality, a century of cross-dressing (main picture) , old battlefields, the construction of the Statue of Liberty, Nollywood, 9/11, disappearing activists – photography brings the world to Arles. Standouts for me were Nader Adem's images of disabled people in Addis Ababa – the professional skill of the photography a respectful tribute to their difficult lives – and the wonderful installation by William Kentridge More sweetly play the dance, an exhilarating danse macabre mixing parade and migration with life and death in a moving panorama.

Back in July 2013 I visited Rencontre D’Arles. It was an excellent if exhausting experience. I documented the exhibitions I visited in two blog posts here and here. During my stay I made a series of photographs with Fomapan 400 120 black and white film, using two cameras – a plastic Holga and a much more sophisticated […]

Rencontre d'arles 2014

Rencontre d'arles 2014